Dr. Fasolino is committed to helping whole families live a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial to each member and glorifying to God. He is passionate about bringing hope to families as he strives to serve and empower each family member to have a thriving life. Dr. Fasolino endeavors to serve God in all that he does through his service to the Collin County community and surrounding areas.


Kevin was born and raised in Allen, Texas into a family of seven children. He was homeschooled until he went to Collin College. From Collin College he transferred to Parker University where he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree as well as a Bachelor of Health and Wellness and a Bachelor of Anatomy. He was awarded the Parker Legacy Award for his service at Parker University. During the Graduation ceremony, he was awarded the James W. Parker Philosophy Award for demonstrating his compassion to serve, love of mankind, and friendship.
As Kevin grew up, he was active in sports such as baseball and he swam on the City of Allen Swim Team (COAST) for eighteen years. In 1999, he was awarded by the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation, the award of Male Athlete the Year.

As an athlete, Dr. Fasolino understands the importance of being adjusted regularly. Growing up as an active child he had the privilege being under chiropractic care for his entire life. As an adult he is now experiencing the tremendous health benefits of the regular adjustments during those formative years. Dr. Kevin loves to help whole families, especially kids, grow and develop as healthy as possible.

Interning at Parker University Wellness Clinic played an integral role in Dr. Fasolino’s desire to help kids grow up healthy. Helping broken adults function better knowing that most of the issues could have been resolved when they were younger fueled his passion to serve kids. Children were excited to receive care and asked their parents to take them to their next appointment with Dr. Kevin. Now, he has the opportunity to serve kids regularly and is excited to see the impact that this care has on future generations.

Garden Life Chiropractic is here to help with all of your health needs. One of our main goals is to help families to become healthy. Any initiative you take now in your health will in time create ripple effects of amazing health for future generations. Please give us a call 469-404-5253 to set up an appointment. Let us help you start your wellness journey today!